Organic Immune Support Tea

Organic Immune Support Tea


Ingredients: Echinacea, Withania, Reishi, Olive Leaf, Liquorice, Cinnamon, Rosehip

The bitterness of this blend is due to the potency of the immune strengthening and immune regulating herbs. Echinacea, Withania, Reishi & Olive Leaf enhance & strengthen immune function & provide a sustained immune system. Liquorice is a strong anti-inflammatory & great support for the lungs for those times of increased mucous. Rosehip is rich in vitamin C, an effective immune nutrient, while Cinnamon contributes warming properties. This immune building tonic is perfect for the susceptible colder months, particularly for the protection of possible infections, such as upper respiratory tract infections and the common cold. 45 serves.

BREWING: 1 teaspoon per 250mL/ 1 cup

85 degrees

4 minutes

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